Hollis Brown: Hollis Brown

HollisBrown_HollisBrownAngsty radio pop, Stonesish blues and twangy Americana

Hollis Brown lead singer Mike Montali is hard to pin down. He sounds a bit like the Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson, a bit like Neil Young, a bit like the Gin Blossoms’ Robin Wilson, and a bit like Robert Plant. He’s got the high edginess (and falsetto) with which they each create emotional tension, and though the band’s guitar, bass, drums, organ and harmonica share a ’70s rock ‘n’ roll vibe with the Crowes, Zeppelin, and Blossoms, they add twangy blues and country roots that really belie their urban Queens upbringing. The album opens with the exuberant “Show Love” and follows with the roiling guitars and stinging lyrical rebuke of “Walk on Water.” The songs track through Stones-styled rock, ambling Americana, broken-hearted country twang, shuffling sing-a-longs and angsty pop. The group’s melodic hooks will stick in your head for days, and Montali’s voice is memorable, whether singing up-tempo rockers or slowing to surprise with the Stax-styled soul of “Don’t Wanna Miss You.” One can only assume Hollis Brown polished these tunes in numerous live gigs, as their self-assurance in the studio translates to terrific passion and swagger on disc. [©2009 hyperbolium dot com]

MP3 | Show Love
MP3 | Passin’ Me By
MP3 | Completed Fool
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