RIP Scotland Barr

ScotlandBarrAndTheSlowDragsScotland Barr passed away September 1st after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. His last album with the Slow Drags, All the Aviators Agree, found its way on to many reviewers top album list for 2008 with its combination of Americana, British Invasion, southern rock and West Coast pop.

The band was feverishly working on a new double album to be titled (unironically at the time) We Will Be Forgotten. Four stupendous songs have been released and can be found linked below. The band, unable to tour without their leader, is seeking fan support to finish the album. Please visit their home page to find out about the Finish the Album Fund.

MP3 | Eyes Like L.A.
MP3 | Rasputin and Me
MP3 | Everybody Knows
MP3 | Right Where You’re Supposed to Be

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