The Earls: Remember Then

Fine sides from doo-wop’s later years

The Earls were a doo-wop group formed in the Bronx in the late ‘50s. They’re most fondly remembered for this set’s title track, released in 1962 and peaking at #24 the following year. The group’s first four A-sides are included here, starting with 1961’s “Life is But a Dream” and its follow-up “Looking for My Baby,” 1962’s “Remember Then” (presented here in a stereo mix that doesn’t have the same punch as the original mono) and 1963’s “Never.” Their 1963 demo of “I Believe” and 1964 single “Cry Cry Cry” are also treats. The odd-bodkin in the lot is a suitably overwrought cover of “I Who Have Nothing” that seems to be from a later, non-doo wop period in the group’s history. The Earls stayed together in various lineups for quite a few years, which means this collection is missing numerous B-sides and additional singles. The Earls were a terrific example of the artistry that could still be found in doo wop’s waning days, with Larry Chance’s strong lead vocals backed up by sharp harmonies. This selection of their early A-sides is a good taste, but for the whole story you’ll need to track down out-of-print collections released by Collectables, Emor and Ace. [©2011 hyperbolium dot com]

Larry Chance and the Earls’ Home Page

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