Puta Madre Brothers: Queso Y Cojones

Ferocious Mexicali-tinged garage-surf

The Australia-based Puta Madre Brothers bill themselves as a “triple one-man band,” and indeed they each play bass drum and assorted percussion along with their guitar or bass. Their garage-surf is heavily tinged with an ersatz mariachi style as they kick up the buzzing instrumental “Putananny Twist,” the electric Flamenco “The One Legged Horse (Race),” and stomp the lights out of “Malaguena.” Their stinging electric guitars, triple kick-drum backbeats and instrumental emphasis triangulates somewhere between Los Staitjackets, The Arrows and Thee Swank Bastards, which is a very fine place to be. [©2011 hyperbolium dot com]

Puta Madre Brothers’ Home Page
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