Queued Up: Queued Up

Tuneful power-pop from Portland

Some sounds never go out of style – like melodic rock made from two guitars, bass and drums. Hailing from the Northwest, this Portland quartet is reminiscent of the pre-grunge bands that filled the taverns of Seattle in the early ‘80s, as well as critical darlings like Richard X. Heyman, the Real Kids and Dictators, and international acts like the Lemonheads and Squeeze (who’s “Misadventure” they cover here). They are also the rare band whose name starts with ‘Q’ and whose bassist is the lead singer! They’ve got the harmonies, guitar riffs and punchy rhythm section down, and though the lyrics are sometimes hard to pick out, the melodies are filled with agreeable hooks. Their debut EP is available for free on their Bandcamp page, and well worth your downloading time. [©2012 Hyperbolium]

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