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Christie_ChristieUK country-rock from 1970

Christie was a UK band built around singer-songwriter Jeff Christie, and fleshed out with drummer Mike Blakely, and Blakely’s former Acid Gallery bandmate Vic Elmes on guitar. The band’s one brush with fame was their first single, “Yellow River,” which reached #23 in the U.S., supported an album that sold well, and produced three separate videos (see below!). The follow-up single, the country-tinged “San Bernadino,” scraped its way to #100, keeping the band (technically, at least) from being labeled a one-hit wonder. The album stretches out on the pop-inflections the band found in Creedence Clearwater Revival’s roots sound, and though they didn’t manage any more chart singles, neither did they load up on filler. With a lucky break, or better promotion from their U.S. label, the band could easily have been remembered for more than “Yellow River.” If you like early ’70s country-rock from Gallery, the Stampeders, as well as their more famous peers, you should check this out. A 22-track import CD reissue expands upon this straight up digital reissue of the album’s original thirteen tracks. [©2013 hyperbolium dot com]

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  1. Spencer says:

    This is quite a discovery! I’m a huge fan of the late 60’s-early 70’s blue-eyed soul stuff. I’ve got the 22 track import release and every track is simply wonderful. How have I not heard of these guys until now? Thanks for your great blog and I’ll be spreading the “Christie” cheer from hence forward.
    Believe the hype!

  2. hyperbolium says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. There are many fine albums behind well-known one-hit wonders. Streaming music services like Rdio, MOG, Rhapsody and Spotify are a low-cost way to explore. Pick a one-hit wonder from the ’60s or ’70s and see if they have any albums or compilations. You’ll be amazed at what you can find. Try looking for The Stampeders or Gallery, for example (though these are more country-rock than blue-eyed soul). Still, they show bands with one well-known hit who actually recorded many more worthwhile cuts.

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