Marshall Crenshaw: I Don’t See You Laughing Now

MarshallCrenshaw_IDontSeeYouLaughingNowSix-EP series kicks off with a new song, a cover and a remake

After a less-than-satisfying engagement with his last record label, Marshall Crenshaw’s taking his music straight to the people. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Crenshaw’s kicked off a subscription project that will deliver a series of six three-song 10” vinyl EPs, each featuring a new song, a cover and a remake from the singer-songwriter’s rich catalog. The EPs also include a code with which the analog-deprived can download digital versions of the recordings. The first EP was delivered in November 2012 as a brick-and-mortar exclusive for Record Store Day Black Friday, and it’s now being more widely issued through additional retailers. The record’s A-side is a new song recorded with Andy York and Graham Maby that chronicles Crenshaw’s reaction to the amoral sharks of Wall Street. Given the financial misdeeds of the past decade, it could just as easily have been written about Enron’s greedy traders or deceptive practitioners of imaginary investment funds. The B-sides are a cover of Jeff Lynne’s “No Time,” sung in harmonies that suggest CS&N more than the Move’s original, and a remake of “There She Goes Again” recorded live with the Bottle Rockets. The EP with digital download, as well as a one-year three-EP subscription, is available through Crenshaw’s on-line store. [©2013 Hyperbolium]

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