The Most: Auto-Destructive Art

Most_AutoDestructiveArtModern-day Freakbeat, savage garage and mod-soul from Sweden

This Swedish quartet draws heavily from 1960s British rock, especially the Who. The opening “Problems” plays like a buoyant tribute to the Who’s “Run, Run, Run,” and their grungy, original ode to “Spiderman” echoes the Who’s take on “Batman.” The full-kit drum fills and punchy bass solos owe a lot to Moon and Entwistle, but the guitar has a harder edge than Townshend’s, sounding more like the axes of the Creation’s Eddie Phillips and the Eyes’ Phillip John Heatley. After several EPs and compilation appearances, the Most have released this first long player, with twelve original songs that reach back to the transitional Freakbeat period, the folk-psych influences of the Byrds and Leaves, and the frenetic American soul that inspired the Mods. Sharp guitars, drums and bass that push the beat, and vocals that have the tinge of sweaty basement clubs (and American garages) add up to a good time for those who like their rock mid-sixties style. [©2013 Hyperbolium]

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