Little Children: By Your Side

Modern pop, but with a breakdown that somehow manages to echo Buffalo Springfield. Perhaps the band’s promo blurb says it best:

Little Children’s auditory sustenance fully personifies the essence of modern pop music’s history. No genre goes unexplored or escapes its distinctive formation!  Essentially, Little Children has established an original and sensational standard within music’s modern empire.

Standing tall next to the striking melodies and poetic worlds built by Little Children’s fate-driven lyrics shines the involvement of multi-instrumentalist Andreas Söderström. Söderström’s indispensable contribution to the album’s diversity allows Little Children’s vocals to reach depths from both ends of a spectrum resulting in an obliging mélange that ranges from the darkest of tones to a weightless dictum, moving with an unreserved synchronization.

“Walk Within” contains all of the delicate ingredients that characterize an upcoming milestone: sincerity, clarity and energy, all the while retaining the essential passion that tugs at your heartstrings and reaches deep into your bones.

Ultimately “Walk Within” reminds us that it is indeed 2014 and the auditory continuation of music by its example is invigorating, striking and irrefutable.

Then again, maybe it’s better to just listen to their fantastic new single.

Little Children’s Home Page


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