Left Lane Cruiser: Dirty Spliff Blues

LeftLaneCruiser_DirtySpliffBluesHeavy electric boogie blues

This Indiana boogie blues duo is now a trio with the addition of bassist Joe Bent and the replacement of drummer Bren Beck by Pete Dio. Dio’s style is more contained than Beck’s, and paired with Bent, the entire bottom end is heavier than on the group’s earlier records. Guitarist/vocalist Freddy J IV still rages away out front of the boogie numbers, his slide offering some frenetic buzz and his leads some garage blues, but the grooves mostly stay true to the two and four. ZZ Top is an obvious touchstone, along with recent minimalists like Henry’s Funeral Shoe, the Black Keys and Radio Moscow, but now with the added muscle of a full-time bassist. The guitar playing is ferocious, and the vocals and rhythm section follow suit heavy and hard. [©2015 Hyperbolium]

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