Buffalos Bay: Living Under the Reef

Melodic 60s-inspired bubblegum psychedelia

Formed in 2015, this Belfast quartet released their first single early in the year, and followed up with this melodic neo-psych EP. Their songs favor the music hall singalongs of the Kinks and the tuneful side of the Beatles psychedelia, and vocalist Stuart Miskelly winningly suggests the bubblegum sweetness of Peter Noone. They sing expressionistic odes to self discovery, nostalgic memories and fairy tale love, all draped in fetching melodies and 60s-inspired light-psych instrumental sounds. Imagine if the Gallagher brothers had a sense of humor that let them realize they weren’t the second coming, and you’ll have a feel for Buffalos Bay. [©2017 Hyperbolium]

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