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Suburban Legends: Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are

SuburbanLegends_DreamsAren'tRealBrassy, upbeat and joyous ska covers of classic Disney songs

Suburban Legends is a third-wave ska band (the first wave having been those from Jamaica, the second-wave being the British 2 Tone movement of the late-70s) that formed in Southern California in the late ’90s. Their new EP of classic Disney songs connects with both their earlier covers of “Under the Sea” and “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” and their tenure at the Disneyland resort. It was during the hundreds of concerts performed at Disneyland that the band experimented with dozens of cover songs, adding familiar, crowd-drawing titles to their set, while still maintaining their integrity as an original band. The six titles covered here are drawn from Cinderella (“A Dream is a Wish”), The Little Mermaid (“Kiss the Girl”), Pocahontas (“Colors of the Wind”), Toy Story (“You’ve Got a Friend in Me”), Beauty and the Beast and Duck Tails. The brassy arrangements are bright and fun, bridging the upbeat joy of ska with the craft of Disney’s songwriters. This EP will make a great stocking stuffer for Disney-loving kids or ska/pop-loving parents who can’t take one more spin of the original soundtracks. If you’ve ever stood in a long line for the Nemo submarine ride, and finding your toe tapping realize that the band on the Tomorrowland stage is really tearing it up, connecting with kids, parents and anyone else within earshot, you’ll know the sort of happiness that Suburban Legends brings to this EP. [©2013 Hyperbolium]

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