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Jason James: Seems Like Tears Ago

Like a classic country jukebox heavily stocked with George Jones

One might be inclined to penalize Jason James for the likeness of his singing to that of George Jones, if he weren’t so good at it. The choked vocals and multi-note runs merge with the fiddle, steel and light cooing background vocals to give this record a retro vibe; which, again, one might be inclined to discount if it weren’t so effective, and if James wasn’t so incredibly heartfelt. That said, the Jones-perfect title track isn’t the only nostalgic note, as James busts out the fiddle-and-guitar Bakersfield twang of “Move a Little Closer,” the Hank Williams-styled “We’re Gonna Honky Tonk Tonight,” and the Cajun-inflected “Cry on the Bayou.” But Jones is clearly his guiding light, and with the master having passed in 2013, it’s comforting to know that his impact still echoes in the work of new performers. [©2020 Hyperbolium]

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